KentMUN is made up of 4 principle Divisions: MUN, Outreach, Careers and Events. Each Division is headed by a team of Officers.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. The participants role-play as diplomats representing a nation or NGO in a simulated session of a committee of the United Nations, such as the Security Council or the General Assembly. Participants research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems.



Throughout the year, we host many events that aim to engage and provide a social space for our members – so many friendships have been born from KentMUN and it is what attracts both new and old members. Our events include speakers series, social trips abroad, Embassy visits and social events to provide a less structured interaction between society members.



Career workshops, talks, networking events, work shadowing and more. In conjunction with the employability office at the Universiy, corporate firms, NGOs, think-tanks and UN organisations. Our aim is to equip our members with the necessary skills and expertise for careers in the international relations, law and other sectors.



The KentMUN Outreach Division works to empower and provide members of the society with the opportunity to give back to society through volunteering and fundraising. Through Outreach, society members are given the opportunity to educate high school students in the local community about MUN and International Relations, Outreach Division is also responsible for the Society’s Guassay Children’s Initiative. A collaborative effort between the Scottish charity Mary’s Meals and KentMUN to raise funds to meet the immediate needs of hungry children at Guassay Public Primary School in Liberia, and encourage them to attend school to gain an education that can, in the future, be their ladder out of poverty.


Letter from the President

Dear all,

Welcome to the Kent Model United Nations Society website. As young citizens of the world, we envision a world of freedom and tolerance, international cooperation and peace. As engaged students, we believe that the knowledge and understanding of international institutions and bodies, the rules of international diplomacy and negotiation and the principles of international law and politics are essential to become aware citizens and true change bringers.

While the 21st century has duly revealed its hardships and contradictions, while political certainties are being lost and inequality, injustice and discordance are rising throughout the globe, we stand strongly as a young community striving for a better future. We believe that change and innovation must be brought in the international arena, and in particular in the hoary tools that the international community provided itself with. We also think that such change can happen not only from outside, but also within the already existing institutions of international diplomacy, and that is why a deep understanding of such instruments is crucial.

Therefore, Kent Model United Nations endeavour daily in providing students at the University of Kent and the local community with extra-curricular formation activities, with a special consideration for major events, developments and concepts of the world. We also work to give to these young people who are the leaders of tomorrow the possibility of having a first-hand experience of the world of international diplomacy through Model United Nations and Crisis Simulations. By participating in such events, they are able to experience the deadlocks of negotiation and compromise and the practical difficulties of applying international law and principles. That being said, they can also understand the richness of cultural differences, engage in the effort of reaching the common good and build a new sense of global citizenship.

We believe change starts from us, spreads to our local community and, as a wind of innovation, reaches the global community as a whole. We hold ourselves accountable for creating a different, better future, for all of us.

The question is not “can you?”. The question is “will you, too?”


Simeon Onaji
President & Trustee, 2017/2018


  • KentMUN was the first society I joined as I started my BA at the University of Kent. I was warmly welcomed, and it soon became one of my favorite nights every week. I have had the pleasure of travelling the UK, and the world, with the society, yet I think that the most important thing I got from the society was friends for life, however cliché that sounds. In my second year, I was elected vice president, and in my third year, president. My time with KentMUN has given me connections across the globe, improved my confidence, made me a better public speaker, and given me opportunities I would not have had otherwise. Now, as a masters student I look back at my days in KentMUN with great pleasure, and hope it inspires future members the way it inspired me.

    Silje Olssøn
    Society Member 2014-2017 from Norway
  • KentMUN is without a doubt the best society on campus. To put it simply, joining Kent MUN was the best decision I could make as a third year who chose not to do a dissertation. Actively participating in conferences (and winning prizes in them!) allowed me to make friends, boost my confidence and meet so many great people. Not only do you develop as a person at Kent MUN so do your peers who become a second family. I would encourage anyone wholeheartedly to join KentMUN in their first year and become a champion by third year.

    Jamie Jobanputra
    Society Member 2015-2016 from Britain
  • I left the University of Kent a different person and KentMUN was a significant part of it. Although I would describe myself at the time as someone who was ‘globally aware’, KentMUN showed me how much I didn’t know about the world around me. It certainly helps that the society has a very diverse and internationalised outlook and it is reflected in all that it does, from the makeup of its delegations all the way to the executive committee, it truly embraces the UN character. The society helps me understand why the world works the way it is and the price of diplomacy. I wholeheartedly recommend this society to anyone who wants to be globally aware or is interested in diplomacy.

    Eddie Bassie
    Society Member 2014-2015
  • As a frequent member of Model United Nations since early secondary school, I was thrilled to find out the MUN society at Kent had a group of active, passionate members. It was a great way to ease into university life, making friends along the way – many of which I still keep in frequent contact with. I was honoured to serve as Vice-President, and it gives me a great sense of pride to see the society consistently flourish year after year. The wide range of skills I both honed and gained during my time with Kent MUN will stay with me for life, and I look back at my experiences with nothing but joy and fulfilment. I would strongly advocate for anyone to join, as it truly is a society like no other.

    Alex Guirakhoo
    Society Member 2011-2014