What is KentMUN?

The Kent Model United Nations Society is dedicated to championing the United Nations, its values and principles, and promoting the crucial actions that this unique organisation operates to save lives, encourage peace and protect the environment. The Society has four principle divisions: Careers, Events, Outreach and MUN. We practice Model United Nations debating, where we simulate debate in real United Nations councils and committees. We host expert speakers, organise academic trips abroad and a variety of social events throughout the year for every taste and public. In addition we aim to maximize career opportunities for our members provide them with volunteering and fundraising opportunities, allowing them give back to society and make a difference to the lives of young children around the world. 


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Mission Statement

Since its founding in 2004, The Kent Model United Nations purpose has been:
─── To educate students at the University of Kent and the local community in the arts of debate, negotiation, and public speaking by providing a forum in which they can hone their skills.

─── To introduce young people to the fascinating realities and complexities of international relations through simulation of international organizations.

─── To underscore the potential of the United Nations in resolving international problems while demonstrating its limitations.

The Executive Committee

The day-to-day running of KentMUN is carried out by 7 elected committee members who have dedicated their time, energy and sacrifice to make the society a continued success.

A year of KentMUN is as good as it gets!

KentMUN Overview

Members Satisfaction99%
Conferences attended in 2016/201713
Society Members700
Number of awards won in 2016/201724

The University of Kent has been represented at international Model United Nations conferences since 1998 when a small group of students went to Brussels, Belgium, to participate in Harvard WorldMUN. Over the next five years, delegations to MUN conferences in in Greece, Turkey, Egypt and cities across the UK was organised privately by a small group of interested students at the University.

In 2004, a group of these MUN enthusiasts decided that the time was right to formally establish a Model United Nations organisation in Kent, and give more students at the University the opportunity to become engaged. From the get go, the organisation experienced a rapid growth in membership as well as well as in success at MUN conferences all across the world. Thanks to the help of its partners and the wonderful contribution of its members, KentMUN was able to develop into an award-winning society that was not only focused on producing skilled delegates, but also broadening the mindset of its members.

Over the course of the last decade, the society has achieved unprecedented success in its activities by winning large number of awards at both the Oxford International MUN, London International MUN and Harvard WorldMUN. The society enjoys an excellent reputation in the MUN scene as well as outside. Many of its alumni have gained enormously from their experience as a member and have started promising careers in the world’s leading firms and companies.

Countries that KentMUN has visited or will visit in 2017/2018 are marked in green


Model United Nations conferences simulate the United Nations, International Organisations and governmental bodies. The usual suspects of every conference are the existing ones of today such as HRC and UNSC. Committees, however, are not confined to those, as for example historical or future committees stage a situation of either the past or the future and where, besides a good knowledge of country positions, your creativity is triggered as well.


Every delegate is assigned a country other than his or her own homeland to level the playing field. During the conference he or she is expected to defend the interests of the assigned country to his or her best capabilities.
Crisis committees do not have countries as members, but rather individuals or organisations.
In that case, the delegate will take the place of this entity instead of a country.


Through MUN, participants have major opportunities to develop themselves in a way that complements their education. Several soft skills are necessary to excel in these conferences: public speaking, negotiation and leadership. These skills are taught through participation in MUN. Needless to say these are invaluable additions to one’s personal development and professional profile especially in today’s competitive jobs market.

Since the foundation of Kent Model United Nations Society, we have been committed to attracting ambitious and promising students at the University of Kent to participate in MUNs around the world. Our society is therefore founded on two cornerstones: friendship and excellence.


First of all, we foster friendship. By combining promising and ambitious students with an intense drive and the right attitude, we can offer you a unique environment to develop yourself to be the person you dream of becoming. It is our view that everything we do is a team effort. That is why at the end of your KentMUN experience, you will leave with a baggage of knowledge and experience that will service you well in your future endeavours and new found friends. Firm friendship that goes beyond state borders and continental limits.


Secondly we strive for excellence. We promote the growth and self-development of our members. Your KentMUN experience will start with training’s, meetings and hands-on experience building to improve your speaking, debating and negotiating skills. This, however, is just the first step in your experience. The ultimate goal of these training’s is to develop real life experiences during Model United Nations around Britain and the world. In this way Kent Model United Nations offers you a plethora of unique international experiences that will expand your horizon.

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