Why KentMUN is FUN and DIVERSE

By Norhan Madkour-KentMUN Events Officer 2017/2018

Even though I’ve participated in Model UN during high school, university-level MUN was quite unfamiliar to me. However this did not discourage me, instead it motivated me to become more involved and discover how it differs. KentMUN was my stepping stone into the world of university-level MUN.

KentMUN is engaging because of the weekly meetings, thought provoking debates, the socials, and the conferences throughout the year. During conferences, traveling with the KentMUN team, getting to know other delegates in my committee while meeting other delegates in general are all amusing. The socials provide a great opportunity to meet and socialize with other delegates who share the same passion as me when it comes to debating, discussing, and developing new ideas. These prove to be an excellent chance for networking and expanding your circle.

With KentMUN, choices are limitless. You have the option to apply to conferences in various cities in the UK and Europe. There are also multiple different committees in every conference to suit every delegate’s specialization. KentMUN showed me what it means to be part of a team which constantly inspires me to apply to more conferences as part of KentMUN.

Being part of KentMUN is an outstanding learning opportunity and develops a wide range of crucial skills including interpersonal skills, decision making skills, negotiating, public speaking, and problem solving skills to name a few. Attendance of the weekly debates eventually refines these skills even further in the long run and prove to be useful for any future career.

When I was asked to describe KentMUN in a word, I replied with ‘diverse’. KentMUN is a tremendously diverse society with members coming from different backgrounds and countries representing various cultures. In international affairs and diplomacy, exposure and interaction with different cultures is vital. Not only does KentMUN represent cultural diversity, but also diversity of courses, places, and topics. Contrary to popular belief, not all MUN members are Politics students! MUN attracts students from various courses and I’m looking forward to debating different topics this year from the arts to science and technology. I’m proud to be part of a society that embraces and embodies core values like diversity and cosmopolitanism. Accepting diversity breeds tolerance; an essential attribute of any international organization.

This year, I’m looking forward to the dynamic role of events officer. I chose to apply for this role because not only do I want to contribute to providing a remarkable experience for freshers, but I believe that social interaction and communication amongst all members is the key to a cohesive society and generally improves relations. I would like to encourage freshers to ask more questions, speak more, and attend more KentMUN events which will eventually increase trust and comfort. Because of KentMUN’s diversity as mentioned earlier, I’m eager on incorporating this concept and my role as events officer by creating and organizing multicultural events such as Chinese New Year and Thanksgiving. It will undoubtedly be rewarding to be part of KentMUN’s organizing committee.

Moreover, this year I’m delighted that we will be able to host our first KentMUN conference in March 2018! It is definitely a milestone for KentMUN and I’m thrilled to be participating as a delegate. I’m also glad that KentMUN has created new opportunities for members like chairing at conferences and provide training for members who would like to chair. KentMUN has also expanded by creating 5 new divisions including more people in committee by the creation of officer roles. By creating more roles, KentMUN is being more efficient in decision making by delegating its tasks while at the same time rewarding members.

Joining KentMUN was certainly one of the best decisions I made and something I’ll always remain committed to.

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