DO’s and DONT’s in MUN: the stories of the delegate who loves shoes and debating

By Joanna Veimou-KentMUN Events Officer 2017/2018 I am a little nervous about sharing this but here it goes: *the world’s smallest violin starts playing* When I was in my first...
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Why KentMUN is FUN and DIVERSE

By Norhan Madkour-KentMUN Events Officer 2017/2018 Even though I’ve participated in Model UN during high school, university-level MUN was quite unfamiliar to me. However this did not discourage me, instead...
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My KentMUN Experience

By Charlie Lane-KentMUN Careers Officer I’ve been asked to write a ‘short article’ by our current society president Simeon Onaji, about my MUN experience, no mean feat when you consider...
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2016/2017: A Committee in review

A Homage to the 2016/2017 Executive Committee The 2017/2018 Executive Committee thanks and expresses its sincere appreciation towards our outgoing predecessors. This is an encomium to all the achievements of those...
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A year of KentMUN is as good as it gets!

By Michelle Midzi-KentMUN Outreach Officer If you think you’re going to go through your entire time at University with zero involvement in any societies, you are sadly mistaken. Societies are...
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