Emanuele Errichello


Emanuele is a second-year undergraduate studying Politics and International Relations. He is a member of Italy’s largest political party, the Italian Democratic Party in Naples, and was the former Secretary of the party’s Youth wing. As President of one of Italy’s well-known youth political association, the Collettivo Giovanile della Sinistra, Emanuele has had the pleasure of working with important figures in Italian Politics – from Deputies and Senators to MEPs– and has experienced working in institutions such as the Italian Parliament and Senate and the European Parliament.

Emanuele was awarded “Best Academic Writer” in 2016 in a European contest called “Campania Europa”, with an article regarding the crisis of immigration and the role of the EU in this crisis. Moreover, he was awarded in the Italian Parliament for the “Best Cooperative-Job Proposal” in 2014.

As KentMUN’s General Secretary for 2017/2018, Emanuele responsibilities are manifold. They include keeping record of issues discussed in Committee meetings, compiling all relevant and recent Society information/developments, keeping record of society members, booking rooms and Lecture Theaters for the Society’s activities and any other task as determined by the President.

Outside MUN, Emanuele participates in Exchanges Programs with countries such as France, Norway, Germany and Jordan. Furthermore, he worked on an internship in Israel and Palestine for a NGO and he attended a one month-long course in New York on the American History (he focused particularly on its relations with Italy). He has recently completed two internships at the Antimafia National Association “A. Caponnetto” and at the Former MPs association in Rome.

Interview with Emanuele

Hidden skills:
I am Italian, so I am a great chef
Guilty Pleasure:
lobsters, oysters and champagne
Favorite track (book/movie)
Fields of gold - Sting
Secret Ambition
To be the future Prime Minister of Italy
What is the best advice you have ever been given
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” - Nietzsche
KentMUN in one sentence
KentMUN is a truly unique society