Mojahid Hussain

Director of MUN

Mojahid is a third year Politics and International Relations undergraduate student from Bedfordshire in the UK. He was first introduced to Model United Nations back in September 2015, and has enjoyed his time immensely. He joined KentMUN to improve his public speaking, debating and negotiations skills, to help him achieve his long term career aspirations of going into International Diplomacy. Mojahid has represented Kent Model United Nations at conferences across the UK and has demonstrated his skills and experience by winning awards.

As the 2017/2018 Director of Conferences, Mojahid oversees all conference related affaires, from the selection of Head Delegates and members of a delegation through to delegations weekly training sessions in preparation for their conferences. Mojahid also works with the Vice President to organise the Society’s General Weekly Meetings. Outside of MUN, Mojahid enjoys putting his feet up and reading the latest bestselling novels, learning new languages and volunteering. He is currently learning French and Spanish part time.

Interview with Mojahid

Hidden skills
I know a lot of fascinating stuff on mythology from different cultures.
Guilty Pleasure
Stress eats at the most random times
Favourite track (book/movie)
Count of Monte Cristo
What is the best advice you have ever been give
Don’t ever waste your time and energy being upset that things didn’t go your way, use that energy instead to make the best of it instead.
Secret Ambition
I would like to be a world-renowned Diplomat
Describe KentMUN in One senescence
KentMUN is truly a remarkable society