Training Schedule

Training is a key aspect of what makes Team Kent members strong competitors and key allies in any committee. Our MUN Directors and Officers pride themselves on their multi-faceted training program for delegates new and old.  With something for anyone in the society, from fresh first-year to grizzled masters student. Training take place every Monday from 6:15-9pm, The topics of each week and country selection can be viewed on this page.

Autumn Term

Week 1: Give It A Go: Model United Nations (MUN)

At our first MUN Session, new members will be introduced to Team Kent. We’ll be working on negotiation and some other essential skills for the upcoming conferences this term. Following on from that, we will then include new delegates in a debate on “The situation in North Korea”.

Headed by: Simeon Onaji

27 - September - 2017

Week 2: Rules of Procedure

This week, members will be put through their pace on the Rules of Procedures with the society Vice President Koeiman. Followed by a crisis simulation organised by Andy Gillman MBE from the Ministry of Defense.

Headed by Mojahid Hussain

02 - October- 2017

Week 3: Speeches

In our third session, we will be do a workshop with new Team Kent delegates on the essence of public speaking. Followed by a fiery debate on the topic of “Climate Change Related Natural Disasters”.

Headed by Justin Koeiman 

9 - October- 2017

Week 4: Crisis

Our next training session, following our first conference of 2017 at KRUMUN, will be focused on the ‘dark side of MUN’, Crisis. Keep in mind that, as people say, once you go Crisis, it’s hard to come back. But for those of you that are interested, do come along to learn about it – it is VERY different from MUN.

Headed by Nathan Von Fraunhofer

16 - October- 2017

Week 6: How to write resolutions

This week’s training topic will be Resolution Writing, while the practice topic will be Global Nuclear Disarmament.

Headed by Mojahid Hussain

30 - October- 2017

Week 8: Parliamentary Debate

UK Parliament Week is an annual festival that engages people from across the UK with Parliament, explores what it means to them and empowers them to get involved. This year in collaboration with Kent Student Union we are pleased to host a Parliamentary Debate, discussing weapons sales to Saudi Arabia

Headed by Simeon Onaji

13 - November- 2017

Week 10/11: UN Women

This week for our General Meeting we will be engaging in a UN Women Committee debate. Via poll, you set the agenda to “improving the participation and representation of women in politics”. The debate will last two sessions (two weeks). 

Headed by Simeon Onaji

27 - November- 2017

Spring Term

Week 13: Give It A Go: Preserving Media Rights

At our first MUN Session of Spring term, members will debate the issue of preserving media rights and the freedom of expression.

Headed by: Mojahid Hussain

16 - January - 2018

Week 14 & 15: Tackling Sexual Harassment in the UN

We’ve got an absolutely packed conference schedule this term. It’s time to suit up and get serious. We will discuss the kinds of styles the veterans look for in our delegates (and have witnessed first-hand at conferences from other unis’ delegates). following on from this we will be engaging in a debate on Tackling Sexual Assault within the UN. 

Headed by: Simeon Onaji

22 - January - 2018

One Day Conference

Following on from the incredibly popular One Day Conference organized last year, we are bringing it back, bigger and better! The one day conference will take place next Saturday, members will have the opportunity to discuss MUN strategies, share some collective wisdom, and enjoy a fiery debate on the topical issue of Brexit.

Headed by: MUN Events Division

27 - January - 2018

Civil War in Yemen

Come along to our Security Council debate on Monday, regarding the Civil War in Yemen. Finding an international solution is important: make your state’s input heard.

Headed by: MUN Events Division

05 - February- 2018

The Suez Crisis

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our second crisis!! This time we are going to be pushing the boat out a little and dipping into a historical crisis, that being the Suez Crisis. Will you have what it takes to turn this political chaos into an advantageous situation? Or are you simply going to set back and watch the world burn. The choice, as ever, is yours!

Headed by: Nathan von Fraunhofer (Crisis Officer)

18 - February- 2018